Thursday, 9 March 2017

Where to learn your hunting skills

Hunting is not just going out into the bush and shoot the animal. Hunting is
hard work. Your knowledge and skill will be tested to the utmost extreme.
There are of course various institutes where you can sharpen your skills,
but most of your knowledge and skills would have come from your dad or
grandpa. From your young days you would be out hunting with dad, observing,
learning… And when the time is right, get your opportunity. But if you did
not have this opportunity and want to start hunting now, here are some
pointers on getting started:

Shooting Practice
In order to do this you would need a gun. Do not go out and buy one. Rifles
are expensive and you don't want to spend your hard saved money on a rifle
and then later decide that hunting is not for you. It would be ideal if you
knew someone with rifles. That person can then also give you some advice and
pointers, especially on gun safety. You can also go to your local shooting
range. They will help you and there are usually various courses that you can
also do. Learn about guns and how they work, and as mentioned learning about
gun safety is the most important! The more you practice, the better you'll

Getting started
You will probably not know where to start. Get in contact with a hunting
association that is dedicated to Conservation through sustainable
utilization. One such organization in South Africa is CHASA (The
Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa). There aims to
represent the hunter in securing the freedom to hunt. This is achieved
through promoting sustainable ethical hunting practices through leadership
and advocacy of all matters related to hunting and the freedom to hunt.
Associations like this will be more than willing to help. In the States it
is very similar. Take advantage of all the help offered.

Buying a rifle
When you feel that this is you, then buy yourself a rifle. Before you can do
this you first need to get a firearm license. You will need to undergo
training at an accredited institution and obtain a training proficiency
certificate. You must successfully pass the prescribed test to prove your
knowledge of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 as well as the prescribed
training and practical test regarding the safe and efficient handling of a
firearm at an accredited training provider. Once you have obtained the
competency certificate, you can apply for the firearm license at your
nearest police station. You need a license for every firearm that you
possess. (This is how it works in South Africa).

Hunting is one of the ways to get as close to nature as possible. Get out of
the busy life in the city and enjoy nature at its very best! Good luck and
remember, safety and ethical hunting always comes first.


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Friday, 24 February 2017

Travel Advice for the novice hunter visiting South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a
very rich diversity and a huge variety of cultures. Coming to Africa and
South Africa for the first time might be a scary thing, due to all the
stories out there (no lions do not roam the streets of Johannesburg). Here
are some tips and details for your first hunting trip to South Africa.


The central and southern parts of South Africa do not have Malaria. The
northern parts of South Africa however do. When going to that region or to
countries higher up like Zimbabwe, Zambia etc. it is highly advised that you
get malaria pills for you and the family.


The clothes you bring along are very important. It is almost always sunny
during daytime from May through to September. This is our winter months.
Temperatures range from low 30's F and can warm op to the 70's F during the
day. Some days might be cooler than others. Early mornings and evenings is
normally very chilly so be sure to pack at least one warm jacket. For
hunting purposes early morning, gloves and a warm balaclava is also
recommended. Walking shoes, a couple of pairs of woolly socks and about 2
pairs of long hunting trousers are also essential.

Sunscreen, repellent, hats

Sunscreen and at least one hat is an absolute must, especially in the summer
months. In certain areas in South Africa it gets extremely hot. If you are
caught out in the bush hunting with none of these you might be in for a
painful next couple of days.


South Africa has a huge variety of species to hunt and the terrain in each
part of South Africa differs immensely making South Africa one of the best
places to hunt. If you are new to hunting make sure that you practice your
shooting before coming over. The most important thing to do while out
hunting is to always listen to what your professional hunter says. This will
improve your success rate and will keep everyone save.

South Africa is a very safe place for international travelers. However, it
is sensible to take normal precautions while travelling, particularly while
in the city. You might only be in the large city when you come into the
international airports. We recommend the use of travelers' cheques or
credit cards rather than large amounts of cash just as you travel to other
adventure destinations. The hunting areas are remote and crime is nearly
crime-free. While on safari you and your family can relax and enjoy the
magic that Africa has to offer.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Preferred Gun for your African Safari

There are many different rifle calibers and makes out there. It can
sometimes be a very difficult and confusing task to pick the right one.

Here are a couple of tips on which rifles might be better for different
hunting situations in Africa:

Big Game Hunting

"This topic will be debated for many years to come. The best possible answer
is to bring the gun that you are the most comfortable with and that you feel
most confident shooting. The rifles you intend to bring along are subject
to government rules and regulations as set out in the SAPS 520 section. If a
recommendation had to be made (this is not a rule though), we would suggest
a 30-06 and a 375. With these calibers you will be able to hunt anything
that walks in the African bushveld".

Dangerous Game Hunting

"Experienced Hunters as well as professional hunters will all have their own
opinion on their favorite rifle. When hunting for dangerous game, the .375
caliber is the minimum prescribed by law in most African countries". "For
hunting dangerous game one of the 400 caliber hunting rifles should be
considered. A 404 Jeffrey, 416 Rigby, 458 WM, 458 Lott, 470 or bigger –
Pieter Kriel".

Plains Game

"When coming to Africa for plains game, bring a rifle that you are
completely familiar with and comfortable shooting. The .270 Win should be
considered the minimum for most medium-sized plains game species, although a
smaller caliber can also get the job done with a well-placed shot". "The
30.06 caliber is also a very good all-round choice for plains game hunting
in Africa. It has a proven track record and ammunition is readily
available. Other calibers like the .308, 7 mm Rem Mag, 7mm-08, 300 Win Mag
are all great choices".

Longer Shots

"The 300 Win Mag is an excellent all-round choice, especially if your safari
will take you to areas where long shots may be necessary".

"The most popular calibers brought along on any South African hunting safari
trip range from a 270, 7mm-08, 7 mm Rem Mag, 30-06 to a 300 WSM and 300 Win
Mag". As mentioned the most important thing to keep in mind is that you feel
comfortable and confident with the rifle you are bringing. Bullets play just
as an important role. A bad bullet can cause a great shot to be bad,
especially when hunting bigger game. Most important is to get to the
shooting range. Get comfortable with your rifle, and when on safari, listen
to the advice from your PH.


Hunter John Tinley

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Dallas Safari Club January 5, 2017 – January 8, 2017

We invite you to come and meet us at the Dallas Safari Club and join a way
of life for sportsmen and sportswomen from across the globe. Dallas Safari
Club - Johnny Vivier or Yvan Nieuwoudt on US Cell: 636 248 1449. Place: Kay
Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – Booth number 3326 – 3329 Dates: January
5, 2017 – January 8, 2017

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

SCI Show - Ultimate Hunters’ Market - Las Vegas, USA - Convention February 1-4, 2017


Ask any member who has attended the SCI Convention, and you will likely
hear, "Sensational, you have to go! It is the Ultimate Hunters' Market and
it's a knockout!"

The allure of SCI's 2016 Annual Convention attracted over 18,000 attendees.
This hunters' heaven has everything the mind can dream of and occupies over
650,000 square feet of exhibit space. Six continents are under one roof
where members come to book hunts, rendezvous with old friends and shop for
the latest guns and hunting equipment. That only scratches the surface of
products available at SCI's Annual Hunters' Convention. Notable authorities
of the outdoor sports and shooting industries attend the premier hunting
show annually.

There are dozens of informative and educational seminars designed to provide
attendees the opportunity to learn new hunting techniques or refine old
ones, discover imaginative ways to prepare wild game, or to glean tips on
the best care for your equipment and gear. Countless topics that appeal to
the hunting sportsman are covered.

When the exhibit halls close the evening fun and excitement begins. Each
night, members come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the
organization and enjoy top entertainment and speakers. SCI's evening
auctions offer top of the line guns, once in a lifetime hunts, the finest
artwork and more. Every purchase provides crucial funds to help preserve
our hunting heritage and enable conservation efforts to occur around the

Yes, it's true! SCI's Convention is the most dynamic and diverse hunting
show today. You will find it to be the most powerful buying and selling
environment in the outdoor industry. Mark your calendars and please join us
for the 2017 Convention February 1-4, 2017, as we are returning to Las Vegas
for our 45th Anniversary.

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